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WEower representatives, not brokers.  

Due to the increasing demand and limited supply in the industry for Blooming Tropical plants, K and M Nursery has instituted inventory control software to avoid overselling in 2022.  Because of this, it is highly recommended that customers place orders ASAP for next Spring. While we have added acres of additional production,  “early bird” ordering is important.

 Current SPRING 2022 lists are here.  Thanks for your business!  




K & M Nursery is located in Boynton Beach, Florida producing superior plants for the growing blooming tropical market. With over 260 acres in shade/production and by incorporating only genuine Canadian Peat Moss, we consistently have superior quality with Delivered to You Prices.  K & M  is growing exclusively for quality oriented, independent, lawn & garden retailers. WE ARE NOT BROKERS and  WE GROW THE PLANTS THAT WE SELL.

K and M Nursery serves: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and many more.

Contact us for delivered prices to other areas.

For Blooming Tropicals call JOSH or

CARL'S DESK: #800-446-4769

K and M Nursery operates over 260 acres in South Florida of shade/production area. We are not Brokers. 

More acreage for 2022 with larger selection of quality plant material.  We grow the plants that we sell.

Weekly Spring Deliveries with No Freight Charges, Drop Fees, etc.. 

No sales to chain, big box or discount stores.  Quality independent Lawn and Garden retailers exclusively.