For over 25 years K and M Nursery has grown florist quality plants exclusively for independent garden centers and nurseries.


 We grow in new pots with care tags and are growing in sharp looking, fresh, new terra cotta color containers this year.  We sell to no chain or discount box stores!


With over 160 acres of shade and production in Southern Florida, K and M Nursery is one of the industry's premier growers of flowering and foliage crops for the quality oriented independent garden retailer. We produce florist quality products and ship them on our own trucks eliminating unnecessary packaging, freight charges, scheduling issues and slow deliveries. These factors combine to make K and M Nursery a very unique company.  We grow everything we sell.


We offer not only hot new varieties but also the finest in bestselling commodities such as our (34" Spread) Boston Fern 10" Baskets, Mandevilla 'Alice DuPont, Mandevilla Red Giant Crimson, Hibiscus Bush and Tree form and Red Fountain Grass. New items include BasJoo cold hardy bananas and Huge 12" macho fern baskets among others.  



All of our products come sleeved with informative bar coded color picture tags and because we ship direct to you, the plants spend much less time on the dock and in the truck than brokered material. We deliver every week shipped upright on our own decked trucks, no "California  stacking" and no freight or delivery charges.  We sell to no chain or discount stores. 


We have made significant shipping  and loading area changes to improve delivery times during the annual mid-April to Mother's Day slowdown. Always best to order and take delivery as early as possible to avoid late season delays. 




K and M Nursery


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